It’s not a question of inventing new gadgets for the sake of the gadget – it is about making room for living. And home technology can do that, when it is beautifully sculpted, cleverly thought out, expertly crafted, and always simple and intuitive. Everybody strives to reduce hassle in their everyday lives. Home technology has the potential to do just that, and this full potential is just beginning to show its true worth.

Since the 1980s, we have worked strategically with interconnecting all Bang & Olufsen products, so that the customer has the benefit of a system, more than just a collection individual units. This inter connectivity has gone through multiple stages of development, and we are proud to say that our home integration system is one of the most versatile on the market – enabling all Bang & Olufsen products to work together, as well as interacting with other systems, and offering the simplest of controls for all intelligent solutions within the home. We are not only focused on making life easier for the homeowner, but also for the installer who is in charge of configuring the home integrations systems.

At Bang & Olufsen Cincinnati we are very committed to the idea that technology should make life more enjoyable, yet simpler at the same time. It is all about embracing new technologies and features, whilst still keeping it as simple as possible. We call it luxurious simplicity.

The home is seeing a lot of changes these days. There is a focus on developing domestic smart devices and apps to go along with them. Everything is online. Everything is connected. Everything is smart.

When new technology emerges, it has a tendency to complicate things, rather than solve problems. At Bang & Olufsen we work hard to create SmartHome solutions that are subtle and integrated into the lives of families. It is about freeing up time to be able to focus on what is really important.”

We believe that playing music in your home should be as easy as turning on the lights. Isn’t hearing also one of our five senses, just like sight? A manifestation of this approach is the ‘one-touch access feature’. The genius here is not some highly advanced and difficult to use technological gizmo.



A lot of times, a Bang & Olufsen product will land at the home of a happy customer, dying to unbox and set it up in a matter of minutes. While this is perfectly understandable, our experienced personnel are able to help you achieve the perfect marriage of placement, tonality and décor in very little time. The placement of for instance a BeoLab 18 or 19 in your living room will have quite a large effect on its performance. So just ask, and we’ll guide you to the perfect custom setup.



Whether it’s creating a home cinema or a BeoLink setup that lets your music follow you from room to room, we’re able to specifically tailor the right solution to your house or apartment. Our local experts will examine your home’s acoustics, routing and electronics to determine the best ways possible to transform your living space.



We only work with premium home automation experts. All are well known brand names such as Lutron, Busch-Jaeger, LK Schneider and Crestron. This provides both a solid technical support base and the possibility of integrating virtually all home automation systems into your Bang & Olufsen setup.